The highly collaborative faculty in Biostatistics and Medical Informatics offer training to undergraduate, graduate and other students through a variety of flexible mechanisms aimed at attracting the best and brightest students into our innovative fields of quantitative methodology for biomedical investigation, and at training biomedical scientists in the optimal application of our methods to their chosen field of study.

For undergraduates, our summer program offers the opportunity to gain a foundation in biostatistics or biomedical informatics and to explore research in these areas. Other undergraduates pursue honors work or research rotations with our faculty, either informally or as part of their major, Summer Research for Undergraduates.

For students wishing to pursue Master’s or PhD level graduate work in quantitative methodologies in biomedical science, we offer both a MS Degree Program in Biomedical Data Science  and a Doctoral Degree Program in Biomedical Data Science.

Other opportunities to train with our faculty are available through the graduate programs in Statistics (Biostatistics Degree Option) and in Computer Sciences, but also through graduate programs in Clinical Investigation, Genetics, and Population Health Sciences.


To learn more about our graduate and summer programs please contact:

Shelley Maxted