BCG Information Technology Staff

Name Job Title Room/Building Email Phone
Annis, William BCG Leader & System Administrator J4/503 CSC

annis [at]

Bailey, Robert Systems Administrator & Support, Webmaster H6/582 CSC

rbailey [at]

Bolden, Eric OSX/iOS Support 3330 University Ave, Suite 200

eabolden [at]

Eliason, Joshua Web App Developer and Programmer 5170 MSC

eliason [at]

Gunther, Paul System Administrator J4/503 CSC

pogunther [at]

Harrison, Christopher System Administrator J4/503 CSC

harrison [at]

Lewis, Janet System Administrator & End User Support H6/582 CSC

jelewis1 [at]


Mailing Addresses

CSC (Clinical Sciences Center): 600 Highland Ave., Madison, WI 53792-4675
CS (Computer Sciences): 1210 West Dayton St., Madison, WI 53706
Genetics-Biotechnology Center: 425 Henry Mall, Madison, WI 53706
MSC (Medical Sciences Center): 1300 University Ave., Madison, WI 53706-1510
CTP (Clinical Trials Program): 3330 University Ave, Suite 200, Madison, WI 53705-2167
WID (Wisconsin Institute for Discovery): 330 North Orchard St., Madison, WI 53715

FAX Numbers

CSC (Clinical Sciences Center) Fax: 608-265-5579
CS (Computer Sciences) Fax: 608-262-0032
MSC (Medical Sciences Center) Building - Medical Informatics Fax: 608-265-7916
CTP (Clinical Trials Program) - BCG Fax: 608-265-4361 and SDAC Fax: 608-263-0415