Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year pdf
68 Group Sequential Comparison of Changes: Ad-hoc vs. More Exact Methods Lee JW, DeMets DL 1992 PDF icon tr_68.pdf
67 Sample Size Determination for Group Sequential Clinical Trials with Immediate Response Kim K, DeMets DL 1992 PDF icon tr_67.pdf
66 Creating a Clinical Staging System Using Logistic Regression Chappell R 1993 PDF icon tr_66.pdf
65 Modeling Dose and Local Control in Radiotherapy Chappell R, Nondahl DM, Fowler JF 1992 PDF icon tr_65.pdf
64 Proportional Hazards Diagnostics and their Implementation: A Brief Summary Chappell R 1992 PDF icon tr_64.pdf
63 A Note on Linear Rank Tests and Gill and Schumacher's Tests of Proportionality Chappell R 1990 PDF icon tr_63.pdf
62 Self Modeling with Random Shift and Scale Parameters and a Free-knot Spline Shape Function Lindstrom MJ 1992 PDF icon tr_62.pdf
61 Discovering Markov Structure in Group Sequential Methods for Longitudinal Studies Reboussin DM 1990 PDF icon tr_61.pdf
60 Programs for Computing Group Sequential Bounds Using the Lan-DeMets Method Reboussin DM, DeMets DL, Kim KY, Lan KKG 1992 PDF icon tr_60.pdf
59 Rank Tests for Multivariate Linear Models in the Presence of Missing Data Lee JW, Reboussin DM, DeMets DL 1990 PDF icon tr_59.pdf
58 Sequential Rank Tests with Repeated Measurements in Clinical Trials Lee JW, DeMets DL 1990 PDF icon tr_58.pdf
57 Influence Measures in the Multivariate Linear Model Kim C, Storer BE 1990 PDF icon tr_57.pdf
56 Influence Measure Assessed by the Replacement Method Kim C, Storer BE 1992 PDF icon tr_56.pdf
55 Some Results on Cook's Distance Kim C, Storer BE 1990 PDF icon tr_55.pdf
54 Small Sample Confidence Sets for the MTD in a Phase I Clinical Trial Storer BE 1989 PDF icon tr_54.pdf
53 Sequential Comparison of Changes with Repeated Measurements Data Lee JW, DeMets DL 1989 PDF icon tr_53.pdf
52 A Class of Phase II Designs with Three Possible Outcomes Storer BE 1989 PDF icon tr_52.pdf
51 A Sequential Phase II/III Trial for Binary Outcomes Storer BE 1989 PDF icon tr_51.pdf
50 Computing with Multitype Branching Processes Goldstein S 1989 PDF icon tr_50.pdf
49 Regression Analysis for Highly Stratified Failure Time Observations Computing with Multitype Branching Processes 1988 PDF icon tr_49.pdf


The Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics produces technical reports pertaining to faculty research interests. To order a technical report from the BMI department or if you have a question pertaining to a report listed here, please use the Contact Form. The Statistics Department also provides Technical Reports.