Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year pdf
129 The Wisconsin Cystic Fibrosis Chest Radiograph Scoring System: Further Details on Validation and Standardization for Application to Longitudinal Studies Koscik RE, Kosorok MR, Farrell PM, Collins J, Peters ME, et al 1998 PDF icon tr_129.pdf
128 Monte Carlo Error Estimation for Multivariate Markov Chains Kosorok MR 1998 PDF icon tr_128.pdf
127 A Monte Carlo Method for Obtaining the Null Distribution of Function-indexed Log-rank Statistics Kosorok MR 1998 PDF icon tr_127.pdf
126 Two-sample Quantile Tests Under General Conditions Kosorok MR 1998 PDF icon tr_126.pdf
125 Self Modeling for Two-Dimensional Response Curves Ladd W, Lindstrom MJ 1998 PDF icon tr_125.pdf
124 Random Allocations in Comparative Experiments of Known Size: Balance Without Blocking Newton MA, Larget B, Chappell R, Jacoby R 1997 PDF icon tr_124.pdf
123 Bias Correction in Group Sequential Analysis with Correlated Data Qu RP, DeMets DL 1997 PDF icon tr_123.pdf
122 Penalized Estimation of Free-Knot Splines Lindstrom MJ 1997 PDF icon tr_122.pdf
121 Item Response Models for Quality of Life Data in Clinical Trials Douglas JA 1997 PDF icon tr_121.pdf
120 A General Class of Function-Indexed Nonparametric Tests for Survival Analysis Lin CY, Kosorok MR 1997 PDF icon tr_120.pdf
119 Residual Diagnostics & Local Influence in Ridge Regression & Nonparametric Regression Wei WH, Kosorok MR 1997 PDF icon tr_119.pdf
118 Estimating Survival Curves with Left Truncated and Interval Censored Data via the EMS Algorithm Pan W, Chappell R 1997 PDF icon tr_118.pdf
117 Growth Status in Children with Cystic Fibrosis Based on the National Cystic Fibrosis Patient Registry Data: Evaluation of Various Criteria Used to Identify Malnutrition Lai HC, Kosorok MR et al 1997 PDF icon tr_117.pdf
116 On Calculating the Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimator of a Distribution Given Interval Censored Data Zhang YL, Newton MA 1997 PDF icon tr_116.pdf
115 Computation of the NPMLE of Distribution Functions for Interval Censored and Truncated Data with Applications to the Cox Model Pan W, Chappell R 1997 PDF icon tr_115.pdf
114 Improving Confidence Bands for Non-Linear Regression Qu R, Kosorok MR 1996 PDF icon tr_114.pdf
113 Exact Simultaneous Confidence Bands for a Collection of Univariate Polynomials in Regression Analysis Kosorok MR, Qu R 1996 PDF icon tr_113.pdf
112 Further Details on Robust Variance Estimation in Parametric Random Effects/Latent Variable Models Using Markov Cahain Monte Carlo Kosorok MR, Douglas JA, Huang D 1996 PDF icon tr_112.pdf
111 A Nonparametric Estimator of Survival Functions for Arbitrarily Truncated and Censored Data Pan W, Chappell R 1996 PDF icon tr_111.pdf
110 On Consistency of Nonparametric MLE of Survival Functions for Left Truncated & Interval Censored Data Pan W, Chappell R, Kosorok M 1996 PDF icon tr_110.pdf


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