Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year pdf
149 Item response models for joint analysis of quality of life and survival Wang C, Douglas JA, Anderson S 2000 PDF icon tr_149.pdf
148 A statistical method to discover significant combinations of genetic aberrations associated with cancer using comparative genomic hybridization profiles Newton MA 2001 PDF icon tr_148.pdf
147 Palate-based Coordinates for Tongue Markers Lindstrom MJ, Westbury JR 2000 PDF icon tr_147.pdf
146 -Dropping-the-loser- designs: Monitoring multiple doses in a combined phase II/III Trial Chen YH, DeMets DL 2000 PDF icon tr_146.pdf
145 Bias adjustment in analyzing longitudinal data with informative missingness Park S, Palta M, Shao J, Shen L 2000 PDF icon tr_145.pdf
144 Adaptive weighted log-rank tests for group sequential clinical trials Kosorok MR 2000 PDF icon tr_144.pdf
143 Checking model adequacy for sequentially monitored survival trials Li Z, DeMets DL 2000 PDF icon tr_143.pdf
142 Asymptotic identifiability of nonparametric item response models Douglas JA 2000 PDF icon tr_142.pdf
141 Sample size adjustment: a 50% rule Chen JYH, DeMets DL, Lan KKG 1999 PDF icon tr_141.pdf
140 Switching endpoint in clinical trials with simple and composite outcomes Chen JYH, DeMets DL 1999 PDF icon tr_140.pdf
139 On differential variability of expression ratios: Improving statistical inference about gene expression changes from microarray data Newton MA, Kendziorski CM, Richmond CR, Blattner RF, Tsui KW 2000 PDF icon tr_139.pdf
138 Asymptotic theory for the gamma frailty model with dependent censoring Kosorok MR, Jiang H, Fine JP, Chappell RJ 1999 PDF icon tr_138.pdf
137 On self-consistency in the gamma frailty model with dependent censoring (no longer available) Jiang H, Fine JP, Kosorok MR, Chappell RJ 1999
136 Bayesian estimation of free-knot splines using reversible jumps Lindstrom MJ 1999 PDF icon tr_136.pdf
135 Inferring the Location and Effect of Tumor Suppressor Genes Newton MA, Lee Y 1999 PDF icon tr_135.pdf
134 Sequential Designs for Phase I Clinical Trials With Late-Onset Toxicities Cheung YK, Chappell R 1999 PDF icon tr_134.pdf
133 A Bootstrap Result for Sums of Independent but Not Identically Distributed Stochastic Processes Kosorok MR 1999 PDF icon tr_133.pdf
132 Bayesian Spatial Disease Clustering: An Application Gangnon RE, Clayton MK 1998 PDF icon tr_132.pdf
131 Detecting and Modeling Spatial Disease Clustering: A Bayesian Approach Gangnon RE, Clayton MK 1998 PDF icon tr_131.pdf
130 On the Bias Correction in Group Sequential Analysis with Correlated Data Qu R, DeMets DL 1998 PDF icon tr_130.pdf


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