Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year pdf
189 Mixture modeling for genome-wide localization of transcription factors Keles, S 2006 PDF icon tr_189.pdf
188 Marginal asymptotics for the -large p, small n- paradigm: with applications to microarray data Kosorok MR and Ma S 2005 PDF icon tr_188.pdf
187 A unified approach for simultaneous gene clustering and differential expression identification Yuan M, Kendziorski CM 2005
186 Additive risk models for survival data with high dimensional covariates Ma S, Kosorok MR, Fine JP 2004 PDF icon tr_186.pdf
185 Robust likelihood inference for latent variables using Markov chain Monte Carlo Kosorok MR, Douglas JA, de la Torre J 2004 PDF icon tr_185.pdf
184 Statistical methods for expression trait loci mapping Kendziorski CM, Chen M, Yuan M, Lan H, Attie AD 2004 PDF icon tr_184.pdf
183 To pool or not to pool: a question of microarray experimental design Kendziorski CM, Irizarry RA, Chen K, Haag JD, Gould MN 2004 PDF icon tr_183.pdf
182 Adaptive Penalized M-Estimation for the Cox Model with Current Status Data Ma S and Kosorok MR 2004 PDF icon tr_182.pdf
181 Sequences, Maps, Genomes, and Graphs: Graph Compression Algorithms for Efficiently Comparing Genomes Goldstein S, Briska A, Zhou S , and Schwartz DC 2004 PDF icon tr_181.pdf
180 Robust semiparametric M-estimation and the weighted bootstrap Ma S and Kosorok MR 2003 PDF icon tr_180.pdf
179 A sample size formula for the supremum log-rank statistic Eng KH and Kosorok MR 2003 PDF icon tr_179.pdf
178 Hidden markov models for microarray time course data in multiple biological conditions Yuan M, Kendziorski C, Park F, Porter JL, Hayes K, and Bradfield CA 2003 PDF icon tr_178.pdf
177 Software for design and analysis of group sequential clinical trials with multiple primary endpoints Ma S, Kosorok MR and Cook TD 2003 PDF icon tr_177.pdf
176 Identifying differentially expressed genes under multiple treatment conditions: An empirical Bayes model using gene clusters Ji Y, Tsui KW, Kim KM, Hayes K 2003 PDF icon tr_176.pdf
175 Further details on sample-size formula for clustered survival data using weighted log-rank statistics Gangnon RE, Kosorok MR 2003 PDF icon tr_175.pdf
174 The piggyback bootstrap for functional inference in semiparametric models Dixon JR, Kosorok MR, Lee BL 2003
173 Statistical methods for gene expression data Kim C 2002 PDF icon tr_173.pdf
172 The efficiency of pooling mRNA in microarray experiments Kendziorski CM, Zhang Y, Lan H, Attie AD 2002 PDF icon tr_172.pdf
171 Self modeling with flexible random time transformations Brumback LC, Lindstrom MJ 2002 PDF icon tr_171.pdf
170 A Bayesian classification method for treatments using microarray gene expression data Ji Y, Kam-Wah Tsui, Kim KM 2002 PDF icon tr_170.pdf


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