September 2015

Asst. Prof. Yajuan Si to Work on Unified Theory for Survey Sampling

Congratulations to Asst. Prof. Yajuan Si, jointly appointed in Biostatistics and Medical Informatics and in Population Health Sciences, on the receipt of her first NSF grant!

The project aims to develop a unified framework for survey weighting through novel modifications of multilevel regression and poststratification (MrP) to incorporate design-based information into modeling.

New Technique Can Help Researchers Explore the Rhythm of Genes

Oscope uncovers dynamic signals of technical origin in scRNA-seq data sets

MADISON, Wis. — Genetic cycles, from circadian rhythms to the cycles involved in reproduction, are everywhere. Now, a recent University of Wisconsin-Madison study is putting a new tool in the arsenal of researchers when it comes to the ebb and flow of gene expression. The new statistical approach, named Oscope, lets researchers identify and characterize the rhythm of genes across the entire genome using single-cell RNA sequencing.