David L. DeMets Lectures in Health and Quantitative Investigation

The DeMets Lecture Series

The David L. DeMets Lectures in Health and Quantitative Investigation are an annual pair of lectures to be held on a Thursday and Friday every November.

These lectures acknowledge the accomplishments of Dr. DeMets' research in the design, monitoring, analysis, and presentation of clinical trials.

The first lecture will be a research/overview talk accessible to a general biomedical/public health audience. Ideally, it will highlight in one or more ways critical and impactful contributions from quantitative methodological areas (e.g., biostatistics and/or biomedical informatics) to discoveries in biomedicine, and/or advancement of human/public health. The second lecture will be a world-class research talk in biostatistics or biomedical informatics.

The selected lecturer will be chosen to exemplify the "David DeMets Model of Biomedical Research": rigorous development and application of quantitative methodological principals, married with deep engagement in an area of biomedical investigation.

2019 DeMets Lecture Series

General Audience Lecture

To be announced

Biostatistical Methodology Research Lecture:

To be announced

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