Computational Biology and Biostatistics Summer Research Program (CBB)

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Summer: May 26th to August 1, 2015


Computational Biology and Biostatistics (CBB) is one of eight research areas in the Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Program (IBS-SRP).


Eight research programs are woven together into an interdisciplinary learning community through evolutionary theory and the research process.

• Biochemistry and Biophysics
• Bioenergy
• Cellular & Molecular Biology
• Computational Biology & Biostatistics
• Ecology, Plants & Environmental Systems
• Molecular & Environmental Toxicology
• Neurobiology
• Virology

The Computational Biology and Biostatistics Summer Research Program (CBB), gives minority undergraduate students the opportunity to explore a career in biostatistics and bioinformatics by working closely with faculty and staff mentors. Biostatistics is the application of statistical techniques to data generated from biological problems. Bioinformatics is the application of computational methods to problems in the biological sciences. Both disciplines focus on the development and application of methods to help us understand biological processes.

A career in biostatistics and bioinformatics is ideal for students with strength in mathematics and computer sciences who enjoy working with computers and numbers and wish to apply their skills to solving real world problems in biological research. There are approximately 50 faculty members actively involved in a wide variety of biostatistics and bioinformatics research activities, including clinical trials, epidemiology, genetics, experimental design and analysis of laboratory studies.


The general goals of CBB are to provide qualified undergraduates with an opportunity to:

• Gain direct research experience in biostatistics and bioinformatics/computational biology
• Learn tools and skills that will promote successful admission to post-baccalaureate programs
• Explore a career in biostatistics/bioinformatics/computational biology


Students will participate in various research-related activities:

• Work one-on-one with a faculty/staff mentor on a chosen research topic,
• Participate in workshops covering statistical methods, research topics of interest, ethics related to scientific research, and professional career opportunities
• Attend weekly meetings with other participants in the IBS-SRP to discuss the research process and evolutionary theory
• Enjoy scholarly, cultural, and social activities with participants in other summer research programs on the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus,
• Present their work at the end of the summer to other IBS-SRP participants (and maybe even at other conferences: SACNAS; ABRCMS; ENAR; JSM)

Financial Support

The program offers a stipend of $5500. In addition, we will cover most expenses (travel, housing, a partial food allowance, and health insurance). There are no fees or tuition costs. Students will engage in full-time research and learning and have individual access to computers and all campus libraries and facilities.


• Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents enrolled in an accredited college/university, majoring in either a quantitative science or in biology, and have successfully completed at least one year of calculus.
• African American, Hispanic, Native American, Southeast Asian, Native Alaskan or Native Pacific Islander, OR students (of any ethnic background) who are McNair scholars, OR students who attend small liberal arts institutions without broad research facilities are strongly encouraged to apply.
• Students with disabilities are welcome. Accomodations are available!  For more information please visit
• Preference will be given to students who will have completed their junior year and who have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0.

How to Apply

Apply for the program by submitting an application by February 15, 2015. Applications are coordinated through the IBS-SRP. For Step by Step Application Instructions, please click on: Application Instructions.


Any questions about the program or application procedures?

Please contact: Whitney Sweeney, Student Services Coordinator
Telephone: 608-262-9184 or Email: sweeney [at]