Buhr, Kevin

Kevin Buhr
Senior Scientist, Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics and Director, Statistical Data Analysis Center
Room & Building: 

buhr [at] biostat.wisc.edu

Education & Research: 

Ph.D. 2002, Statistics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Research Interests
Design, conduct and analysis of multicenter clinical trials & interim monitoring of clinical trial data, multiple endpoints.

Selected Publications and Presentations

• Dan T. Holmes and B , “Error Propagation in Calculated Ratios,” Clinical Biochemistry 40:728–734, 2007. August 15, 2007 – Page 2 of 3

• Dan T. Holmes and B , “Mathematical Modeling: Assumptions Affect Results,” Clinical Chemistry 52:1606–1608, 2006.

• Thomas G. Kurtz and B , “A Brownian Particle System with Local Time Interaction and Its
Corresponding SPDE.” Presentation at the Topics in Modern Stochastic Analysis Workshop at the
Fields Institute, Toronto, September 22, 2000.

• Thomas D. Cook and B , “Report Production for a Data and Safety Monitoring Board—A Unix
Based System for Report Generation.” Presentation at the Society for Clinical Trials Meeting,
Anaheim, May 4, 1999.

• B and Jacques F. Carri`ere, “Simplifying Conditional Expectations,” Appl. Math. Lett. 11(4):71–75, 1998.

• Edward R. Bruning, Harry J. Turtle, and B , “Canadian Foreign Direct Investment into the
United States: 1980–1989,” Proceedings of the Eighth International Congress of Economics and
Finance, Montego Bay, Jamaica, 1993.

• Michael W. Dunne, B , Thomas D. Cook, John A. Dawson, Dearborn Edwards, “A Prospective
Analysis of Respiratory Tract Infections and their Influence on the Secondary Incidence of
Cardiovascular Disease in the WIZARD Study.”

• Canadian Mathematical Bulletin August 15, 2007 – Page 3 of 3


Design, conduct and analysis of multi-center clinical trials & interim monitoring of clinical trial data, multiple endpoints.