BMI/Stat 877 Statistical Methods for Molecular Biology

Spring 3 credits (cross-listed with Department of Statistics)

The course will provide a statistical perspective on some current biological problems, with an introduction to statistical analysis in genomics, phylogenetics, gene regulation, gene expression, gene mapping by linkage or association, and related areas. Statistical concepts will include: stochastic modeling, hierarchical modeling, likelihood methods, Bayesian methods, multivariate analysis methods, model selection, high-dimensional parameters, experimental design strategies, and multiple testing. Biological concepts will include: microarray and related measurement of DNA, RNA, and protein; genomic resources; the relationship between genotype and phenotype; breeding designs; pedigrees; and phylogenies. Prerequisites: Stat 309-310 or 609-610 or 709-710 or equivalent, or consent of instructor, also Genetics 466 or equivalent strongly recommended. The course is team taught- this semester the course leader is Sunduz Keles.