BMI Student Thevaa Chandereng Awarded MBSW Student Financial Grant

We are pleased to announce BMI graduate student Thevaa Chandereng, working with Professor Rick Chappell, has been awarded a MBSW Student Financial Grant for their project on Imbalanced Randomization in Clinical Trials. This award is a travel grant for the Midwest Biopharmaceutical Statistics Workshop.

Project: Imbalanced Randomization
Abstract: Randomization is a common technique used in clinical trials to eliminate potential bias and confounders in a patient population. However, in certain scenarios, unequal allocation can improve efficiency. In superiority trials with more than two groups, the optimal randomization is not always a balanced randomization. In non-inferiority trials, additive margin with equal variance is the only instance with balanced randomization. The Cardiovascular Patient Outcomes Research Team (CPORT), which is a multi-center trial conducted to compare fatality rate between presence of on-site cardiac surgery in performing angioplasty, serves as a motivation to this research. Patients were randomized 1:3 (with and without onsite cardiac surgery) due to several constraints, therefore reducing the statistical efficiency and statistical power for the same sample size (N) compared to the optimal randomization ratio.