BMI Student Muxuan Liang Wins 2018 ASA Biometrics Award

We are pleased to announce BMI graduate student Muxuan Liang, working with Professor Menggang Yu, has been awarded a 2018 ASA Biometrics Section JSM Travel Award for scientific paper on model effect modification.

The paper, “A semiparametric approach to model effect modification”, proposed a semiparametric framework for identifying effect modification, which can be applied in many research areas such as precision medicine and health disparity. Instead of using the traditional outcome models, we directly posit semiparametric models on contrasts, or expected differences of the outcome under different treatment choices or exposures. Through semiparametric estimation theory, all valid estimating equations, including the efficient scores, are derived. Besides providing flexible models for effect modification, our approach also enables dimension reduction in presence of high dimensional data. The asymptotic and non-asymptotic properties of the proposed methods are explored via a unified statistical and algorithm analysis.