BMI / Statistics students garner awards at ENAR

Congratulations to Yaoyao Xu, Yuan Wang, Ning Leng and Yuan Li for awards garnered for their work at the current meetings of the Eastern North American Region (ENAR) of the International Biometric Society. Ning Leng won one of five poster awards for her work on EBSeq-HMM: An Empirical Bayes Hidden Markov Model for Ordered RNA-seq Experiments co-authored with Yuan Li under the direction of Professor Christina Kendziorski. Yuan Wang won a student travel award for her work on Persistence Landscape of Functional Signal and Its Application to Epileptic Electroencaphalogram Data under the direction of Associate Professor Moo Chung. Finally, Yaoyao Xu was the John Van Ryzin Award for the top student paper for her work on Regularized Outcome Weighted Subgroup Identification for Differential Treatment Effects under the direction of Associate Professor Menggang Yu and Professor of Statistics Jun Shao. The John Van Ryzin Award comes with travel money and a cash prize. These are wonderful accomplishments and we offer our heartfelt congratulations to all!