BMI Faculty Involved in 6 of 10 Funded Data Science Initiative Projects

The UW-Madison Data Science Initiative has awarded 10 fully funded projects, with 6 of those projects naming BMI faculty as either the PI, co-PI, or co-investigator, and 1 BMI affiliate faculty named as co-PI on two additional projects. This is a testament to how important the work we do in BMI is to research projects throughout the university!

BMI Faculty Projects:

Addressing Misclassificatoon in the Microbiome: A Data-Scientific Approach to Propagating Uncertainty in Microbial Community Composition
Karl Broman, Professor, Co-Investigator

A Novel Longitudinal Study of the Association Between the Gut Microbiome and Aging
ZhengZheng Tang, Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator
Jun Zhu, Professor of Statistics and BMI Affiliate, Collaborator

Development of Peptide Array Signal Detection Methods for Immune Profiling
Irene Ong, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, Principal Investigator
Michael Newton, Professor and Interim Chair, Co-Investigator
Sean McIlwain, Assistant Scientist, Co-Investigator

Network-Based Analysis of Cellular Heterogeneity
Sushmita Roy, Associate Professor BMI and Wisconsin Institute for Discovery's Systems Biology Research Group, Principal Investigator

Robust Mendelian Randomization Methods to Identify Causal Risk Factors for Alzheimer's Disease
Qiongshi Lu, Assistant Professor, Co-Principal Investigator

Statistical Methods and Software for 10x Genomics Data
Christina Kendziorski, Professor, Principal Investigator
Sunduz Keles, Professor, Co-Investigator
Michael Newton, Professor, Co-Investigator

BMI Affiliate Projects:

National-Scale Freshwater Research Through Data Science
AnHai Doan, Professor of Computer Science and BMI Affiliate, Co-Principal Investigator

Using Data Science to Help Transform Global Supply Chains and Make Progress in Saving the Amazon Rainforest
AnHai Doan, Professor of Computer Science and BMI Affiliate, Co-Principal Investigator

More information on the UW-Madison Data Science Initiative can be found here.