BMI Department Policies & Information

Grants and Sponsored Projects

Timelines for preparation and submission of research proposal through the BMI Department. Gives dates relative to proposal submission date when various project components (e.g., budgets, scientific components) are due to BMI program manager.

Faculty and staff effort on sponsored projects. Describes guidelines for setting BMI faculty and staff effort on sponsored projects and for recovering salary for effort on those projects.

Teaching and Graduate Students

Provision of teaching assistants (TA). Describes the conditions and the level of TA support for courses taught by BMI faculty.

Expenses, Purchasing, and Travel

Faculty Candidate Interview Expenses.

Purchasing Workflow. Describes the process for simple purchasing.

Travel Workflow. Describes the process for purchasing travel

Business Travel Information Sheet. Provides information about Fox World Travel and Concur, daily maximums for meals and lodging, and links to other UW travel policies.