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Ronald Serlin

Ronald C. Serlin

Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, School of Education, Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, Medical School

Ph.D, 1976, University of California-Berkeley

1082B Educational Sciences
1025 W. Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53706

Phone: 608-262-0845
Fax: 608-262-0843
E-mail: rcserlin at facstaff dot wisc dot edu


Research Interests
Currently I am involved in two main lines of research. One investigates the philosophical underpinnings of statistical hypothesis testing. This effort links modern philosophy of science and statistical practice to delineate the role of statistics in the scientific endeavor. The other examines the effects of violations of assumptions on known and proposed parametric and nonparametric tests, a knowledge of which helps to increase the validity of statistical conclusions.

Selected Publications

Kobak KA, Taylor LH, Dottl SL, Greist JH, Jefferson JW, Burroughs D, Mantle JM, Katzelnick DJ, Norton R, Henk HJ, Serlin RC. A computer-administered telephone interview to identify mental disorders. JAMA 278(11):905-910, 1997 (Sept. 17).

Cleeland CS, Nakamura Y, Mendoza TR, Edwards KR, Douglas J, Serlin RC. Dimensions of the impact of cancer pain in a four country sample: new information from multidimensional scaling. Pain 67(2-3):267-73, 1996 (Oct.)

Caraceni A, Mendoza TR, Mencaglia E, Baratella C, Edwards K, Forjaz MJ, Martini C, Serlin RC, de Conno F, Cleeland CS. A validation study of an Italian version of the Brief Pain Inventory (Breve Questionario per la Valuazione del Dolore). Pain 65(1):87-92, 1996 (Apr.)

Katzelnick DJ, Kobak KA, Greist JH, Jefferson JW, Mantle JM, Serlin RC. Sertraline for social phobia: a double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study. American Journal of Psychiatry 152(9):1368-71, 1995 (Sept.)

Serlin RC, Mendoza TR, Nakamura Y, & Edwards KR, and Cleeland CS. (in press). When is cancer pain mild, moderate, or severe? Grading pain severity by its interference with function. Pain 61(2):277-84, 1995 (May).

Greist JH, Jefferson JW, Kobak KA, Katzelnick DJ, & Serlin RC. Efficacy and tolerability of serotonin transport inhibitors in obsessive compulsive disorder: a meta-analysis. Archives of General Psychiatry 52(1):53-60, 1995 (Jan.)

Dar R, Serlin RC, and Omer H. The misuse of statistical tests in three decades of psychotherapy research. Journal of Clinical and Counseling Psychology 62(1): 75-82, 1994 (Feb.)

Harwell MR and Serlin RC. (1994). A Monte Carlo study of the Friedman test and some competitors in the single factor, repeated measures design with unequal covariances. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 17:35-49.

Levin JR, Serlin RC and Seaman MA. (1994). A controlled, powerful multiple-comparison strategy for several situations. Psychological Bulletin 115, 153-159.

Moberg DP, Piper DL, Wu J and Serlin RC. (1993). When total randomization is impossible: Nested randomized assignment. Evaluation Review, 17:271-291.

Serlin RC. (1993). Confidence intervals and the scientific method. The Journal of Experimental Education 61:350-360.

Serlin RC and Harwell MR. (1993) An empirical study of three tests of rank partial correlation coefficients. Communications in Statistics 22:545-567

Amundson R, Serlin RC and Lehrer R. (1992). On the threats that do not face educational research. Educational Researcher 21:19-24.

Seaman MA, Levin JR and Serlin RC. (1991). New Developments in pairwise multiple comparisons: Some powerful and practicable procedures. Psychological Bulletin, 110:577-586.

Serlin RC and Lapsley DK. (1990). Meehl on Theory Appraisal. Psychological Inquiry, 1:169-172.

Serlin RC. (1990). Leonard A. Marascuilo. American Psychologist 45:1383.

Lehrer, R., Serlin, R. C., & Amundson, R. (1990). Knowledge or certainty? A reply to Cziko. Educational Researcher 19:16-19.

Levin JR and Serlin, R. C. (1990). Analysis of variance by any other name.... American Statistician 44:62-63.

Serlin RC and Levin JR. (1989). In memoriam: Leonard A. Marascuilo. Journal of Educational Statistics.

Harwell MR and Serlin RC. (1989). A nonparametric test statistic for the general linear model. Journal of Educational Statistics 14:351-371.

Levin JR, Serlin RC and Webne-Behrman L. (1989). Analysis of variance through simple correlation. American Statistician 43:32-34.

Dar R and Serlin RC. (1988). For whom the bell curve toils: universality in individual differences research. Annals of Theoretical Psychology.

Blackburn JA, Papalia DE, Foye BF and Serlin RC. (1988). Modifiability of figure relations performance: a comparison of two training approaches. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences 43:86-89.

Cleeland CS, Ladinsky JL, Serlin RC and Theuy C. (1988). Multidimensional measurement of cancer pain: comparisons of U.S. and Vietnamese patients. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 3:23-27.

Harwell MR and Serlin RC. (1988). An empirical study of a proposed test of nonparametric analysis of covariance. Psychological Bulletin 104:268-281.

Marascuilo LA, Busk, P. L. and Serlin RC. (1987). Large-sample multivariate procedures for comparing and combining effect sizes within a single study. Journal of Experimental Education, 57:69-85.

Serlin, R. C. (1987). Theory building, hypothesis testing, and the philosophy of science. Journal of Counseling Psychology 34, 365-371.

Neperud R, Serlin RC and Jenkins, H. (1986). Ethnic aesthetics: The meaning of ethnic art for blacks and non-blacks. Studies in Art Education 28:16-29.

Kaufman NJ, Dudley-Marling C. and Serlin RC. (1986). An examination of statistical interactions in the special education literature. The Journal of Special Education 20:31-42.

Tomarken A and Serlin RC. (1986). A comparison of ANOVA alternatives under variance heterogeneity and with specific noncentrality structures. Psychological Bulletin 99:90-99.

Lapsley DK, Enright RD, & Serlin RC. (1985). Toward a theoretical perspective on the legislation of adolescence. Journal of Early Adolescence 5:441-466.

Neperud RW, Serlin RC and Jenkins H. (1985). The validation of semantic and graphic differentials for visual ratings. Studies in Art Education 27:24-30.

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Dretzke BJ, Levin JR and Serlin RC. (1982). Testing for regression homogeneity under variance heterogeneity. Psychological Bulletin 91:376-383.

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Serlin RC. (1982). A multivariate measure of association based on the Pillai-Bartlett criterion. Psychological Bulletin 91:413-417.

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Case R and Serlin RC. (1979). A new processing model for predicting performance on Pascual-Leone's test of M-space. Cognitive Psychology 308-326.

Marascuilo L and Serlin R. (1979). Tests and contrasts for comparing change parameters for a multiple sample McNemar data model. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 105-112.

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Serlin RC and Kaiser HF. (1978). A method for increasing the reliability of a short multiple-choice test. Educational and Psychological Measurement 38:337-340.

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Mozer FS, Serlin RC, Carpenter DL and Siren J. (1974). Simultaneous electric field measurements near L = 4 from conjugate balloons and whistlers. Journal of Geophysical Research 79:3215-3217.

Mozer FS and Serlin RC. (1969). Magnetospheric electric field measurements with balloons. Journal of Geophysical Research 74:4739-4754.

Technical Report

Klausmeier HJ, Serlin RC and Zindler MC. (1983). Improvement of secondary education through research: Five longitudinal case studies. Madison: Wisconsin Center for Education Research.

Book Chapters

Serlin RC and Lapsley DK. (1993). Rational appraisal of methodological research and the good-enough principle. In G. Keren & C. Lewis (Eds.), Methodological and quantitative issues in the analysis of psychological data (pp. 199-228). Hillsdale, N.J.: Erlbaum.

Busk PL and Serlin RC. (1992). Meta-analysis for single-case research. In Kratochwill, T. & Levin, J. R. (Eds.), Single-case research design and analysis (pp. 187-212). Hillsdale, N. J.: Erlbaum.

Lapsley DK, Enright RD, Serlin RC and Pressley M. Moral and social education. To appear in J. Worrell & F. Danner (Eds.), The adolescent as decision-maker: Applications to development and education. New York: Academic Press.

Milosky L and Serlin RC. Violations of ANOVA assumptions in language research: Effects and alternatives. To appear in Proceedings from the fifth Wisconsin Symposium on research in child language disorders, Madison, WI.


Marascuilo L and Serlin RC. (1988). Statistical Methods for the Social and Behavioral Sciences. New York: Freeman.

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