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Affiliations with UW Madison Schools, Colleges, Departments and Centers

    School of Medicine and Public Health

UW School of Medicine and Public Health offers students, educators and researchers access to all of the benefits of a preeminent public research university. In addition, the school has strong partnerships with the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, whose programs are consistently ranked among the best in the nation; and the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation, one of the ten largest physician practice groups in the country. These relationships afford students, teachers and researchers opportunities available only at top ranked academic medical centers.

    College of Letters and Science

      Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics , located in the School of Letters and Science, was founded in 1960 by Professor George Box and has consistently been rated among the top 5 departments in the country. Naturally the faculty has grown, to 35 members plus visitors and nearly 100 graduate students. Nearly half the faculty have joint appointments in another department or school. Faculty interests cover a broad range including foundations of statistical theory, experimental design, time series, linear models, survival analysis, statistical computing, and sample survey. With these diverse and rich faculty research interests, the Department offers a variety of training programs including: Mathematical Statistics, Biostatistics, Biometry, and Industrial Quality and Productivity Improvement.

      Computer Sciences Department

Also located in the School of Letters and Science, the Department of Computer Sciences consistently ranks among the top ten computer sciences departments in the country. The Department has over 50 faculty members and over 180 graduate students. Faculty research areas include artificial intelligence, computational biology, database systems, computer architecture and VLSI, mathematical programming, numerical analysis, operating systems, programming languages and compilers, and theory of computing. Both Master's and PhD programs are available in these areas of study as well.

Institutes and Centers


University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC)


A major collaborative research unit with the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics is the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC). The University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive center serving Wisconsin and adjoining areas of Iowa and Illinois. It conducts clinical and basic science research in the biology of cancer, focused on human problems in etiology, prevention, and treatment. The UWCCC is among the world's leaders in research in breast, prostate and bladder cancers, and has outstanding faculties in medical oncology, surgical oncology, pediatric oncology, radiation oncology, and medical physics. The Center strives to improve care of the cancer patient through clinical trials including local and national studies. Cancer prevention and evaluation of new agents and treatments with combined modalities receive particular emphasis.

The UWCCC Biostatistics Shared Resource and Cancer Informatics Shared Resource, as part of the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, have over the past decade provided statistical and computing expertise to members of the UWCCC in the design, conduct, and analysis of laboratory, clinical, and epidemiologic studies. The mission of the Biostatistics Shared Resource and Cancer Informatics Shared Resource is to support and help promote high quality, innovative cancer research by providing the UWCCC with high level expertise in biostatistics and biomedical computing.

  Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

The Institute for Clinical and Translational Research is an NIH-funded clinical research center within the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. The ICTR mission is to offer an optimal setting for medical investigators to conduct safe, controlled, state-of-the-art research. The 12-room inpatient/outpatient unit has a core staff of 15 highly-trained research nurses who provide quality, safety, and a caring environment.


  Genome Center of Wisconsin

The Genome Center's 30 faculty members represent over 17 departments and six schools within the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The Genome Center fosters integrative and

highly collaborative research that bridges multiple, diverse disciplines.  Faculty members are involved in genomic research, graduate and undergraduate teaching,

and pre- and post-doctoral training.


  The Waisman Center

Research at the Waisman Center focuses on human development, developmental disabilities, and neurodegenerative diseases. More than 50 faculty from 26 UW-Madison departments conduct research at the center and bring a wide variety of scientific approaches to bear on questions about development and disabilities. These approaches can be classified as biomedical, behavioral, or social.


  Cardiovascular Research Center

Working together, Center members combine their unique perspectives, generate new ideas and reduce the time it takes to "translate" new discoveries from laboratories to the aid of patients.

  Institute on Aging
  The Institute on Aging (IOA) provides world-class research programs designed to address the causes of later life problems as well as how they are most effectively treated or prevented. Additionally, the IOA also recognizes the need to focus on the potential of aging - the notable strengths, resources, and vitality of those who are in their 70s and beyond.

Additional Affiliations

  College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  Department of Animal Sciences

Laboratory of Genetics

  School of Business
  College of Engineering
  School of Education
  School of Nursing
  School of Pharmacy
  School of Veterinary Medicine
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